" serve and want in time, solve problem luxuriant machinery after being for customer conscientiously" in not managing for a long time to understanding that serve and take action, the luxuriant machinery in order to enable customer to choose better, resting assured to use, when made before perfect selling, sells, service system after sale of back luxuriant machine factory, make customers really realize " musting settle down to buy without concern over quality, use ".

  Accept users consultation: 
Technological question, relevant knowledge of products
Offer various kinds of relevant materials
Production VCD, products materials,etc.
The site visit produces the state: 
According to the customer site, the one that offer to customer and use the products managed is visited in the producer nearby 
Offer the manufacturer building case

Decide with existings resource of user maximumly, offer the most economic operational mode for user amounts body
  . and other procedure overall arrangement, construction
. Guides and installs at the scene
. Train production procedure and every attenbant at the scene
. Train the production management and equipment attenbant . Relevant scheme that plan quality control, purchased, markets

      Guarantee free for one year

   . Set up customers file, carry on the follow-up service better
   . Offer the service hotline for 24 hours: 13808524225
   . Supply various kinds of zero and mix part, mould,etc. for a long time    . Offer the trade the latest information and the products materials of our factory

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